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5/8 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon Wholesale

Request 5/8 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon Wholesale, please contact Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory. This article is about 5/8 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon Wholesale, including its price, pictures, and quotation. What you need is exactly what we sell. You are welcome to contact Kuanyuxuan Ribbon.

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The 5/8 inch grosgrain ribbon is a 1 inch width of 25.4mm divided into 8 equal parts, 5 parts is 15.875mm.

When weaving the ribbon, it is not possible to do such a precise width size, it is usually calculated according to a deviation of about 16mm.

Light pink grosgrain ribbon

What are the width sizes of grosgrain ribbons?

Grosgrain ribbons are available in more than a dozen widths, generally produced according to customer demand or market distribution.

These common sizes are: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 57mm, 63mm, 75mm, 89mm.

If you need large quantities of grosgrain ribbons in other widths, you can also have them customized according to your needs, such as 55mm, 60mm, or 70mm, etc.

Purple grosgrain ribbon

Where to find grosgrain ribbon wholesale?

If you need wholesale grosgrain ribbon or customized grosgrain ribbon from grosgrain manufacturers, please contact Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory, a professional ribbon manufacturer, to provide you with services.

KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory, a professional ribbon manufacturer, provides you with wholesale grosgrain ribbon in various colors and regular width sizes, and can also customize ribbons in various width sizes and corresponding colors according to customers’ needs.

You can contact KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory’s online customer service, or contact by phone, make it clear that you want to grosgrain ribbon color and specification width, as well as the specific quantity, Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory will provide you with customized and wholesale services.

This article is an interpretation of 5/8 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon Wholesale. If you need to know about the ribbon manufacturer's ribbon customization and ribbon prices, as well as information about 5/8 Inch Grosgrain Ribbon Wholesale, please contact Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory's online customer service. Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon and Bows Co., Ltd. is dedicated to serving you.