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Request Purple Organza Ribbon Wholesale, please contact Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory. This article is about Purple Organza Ribbon Wholesale, including its price, pictures, and quotation. What you need is exactly what we sell. You are welcome to contact Kuanyuxuan Ribbon.

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Translucent or transparent narrow ribbons are called organza ribbons, which have mesh-like openwork lattices on the surface, which can transmit light well and appear hazy.

Purple organza ribbons are dyed purple according to the standard color value of purple after the ribbon has been spun.

Organza ribbon 430

What materials are available for organza ribbons?

Organza ribbons can be made from a variety of materials, but the two most commonly used are nylon and polyester yarns.

Other materials can also be used to make organza ribbons, but they are not as common in the market.

Organza ribbon 465

What are the characteristics of organza ribbon?

The characteristics of organza ribbon are: thin, soft, translucent or transparent, light and colorful, with good air permeability.

Purple organza ribbon is dyed according to customers’ needs. If you need other colors, you can dye it according to the corresponding color value.

Organza ribbon 473

Where are the organza ribbon wholesale manufacturers?

If you need to purchase or customize organza ribbon, please contact professional ribbon manufacturers to provide you with wholesale or customized organza ribbon.

As a professional organza ribbon manufacturer and wholesaler, Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory provides you with all kinds of colors of organza for wholesale sale.

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