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How much is the satin ribbon? (Satin ribbon price)

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Smooth surface satin-like silk narrow ribbon, because of the similarity with the satin is called satin ribbon, satin ribbon as a decorative aspect of the material used, there are a variety of materials woven. For example, there are nylon satin ribbon, polyester satin ribbon.

Khaki satin ribbon

How much does satin ribbon cost per meter?

How much satin ribbon costs is based on the specific satin ribbon style and satin ribbon width size and satin ribbon color, as well as the number of satin ribbons needed.

If you need a price for satin ribbons, you need to specify the details of your ribbon needs, such as what quality of satin ribbons you need, as well as the width and size, and the quantity.

Ordinary quality satin ribbons and high-density polyester satin ribbons are not the same in terms of price.

There are various factors that make up the price of satin ribbon, so you can contact Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory’s online customer service for more information.

Jujube red satin ribbon

What are the uses of satin ribbon?

Satin ribbon has a variety of uses and use scenarios, such as in gift packaging, toy decoration and clothing and apparel, and so on.

Satin ribbons are widely used according to specific usage scenarios, such as gift packaging or apparel and toys decoration. Ribbons are categorized according to the material, and it depends on the specific needs as to which material to buy.

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