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Request Satin Ribbon Wholesale, please contact Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory. This article is about Satin Ribbon Wholesale, including its price, pictures, and quotation. What you need is exactly what we sell. You are welcome to contact Kuanyuxuan Ribbon.

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Q: What is satin ribbon?

A: A satin ribbon is a narrow, silk-like textile with a smooth surface. Satin ribbon has different types of styles and various widths and sizes, as well as a variety of commonly used colors.

As a professional ribbon manufacturer, Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory provides you with a variety of satin ribbons, which are available in different styles and corresponding colors and widths.

As a common style of ribbon, generally in accordance with the inventory of stock production of stock ribbons, such as in accordance with the corresponding color and width and material, the production of a portion of the stock, customers or demand for satin ribbons can be in accordance with the color card to choose the color and width can be.

Light yellow gold edged satin ribbon 2

How much is satin ribbon wholesale?

If you need wholesale satin ribbon, please contact Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory which is a professional ribbon manufacturer to provide you with wholesale satin ribbon. How much wholesale satin ribbon is about the price of satin ribbon, this needs to be based on a variety of factors can be calculated, such as satin ribbon style, ribbon width, ribbon color, ribbon material and the number of ribbons needed:

1, satin ribbon style

Different styles of satin ribbon, the need for yarn will be different.

For example, nylon satin ribbon, polyester satin ribbon and gold-rimmed satin ribbon;

2, satin ribbon width

Satin ribbon has more than a dozen width sizes, such as from 3mm-38mm, as well as 50mm, 57mm and so on satin ribbon.

Different widths are also the main factor in determining the price of satin ribbon;

3, satin ribbon color

The color of satin ribbon is dyed according to the common colors in daily life.

As a professional ribbon manufacturer, Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory is in accordance with the 196 kinds of common color production stock, different colors of satin ribbon prices will be slightly different;

Yellow double-faced satin ribbon

4, satin ribbon quality

In the market is generally in accordance with the ordinary quality satin ribbon and high-density polyester satin ribbon two kinds to distinguish satin ribbon.

For example, ordinary satin ribbon (25 yards of packaging) as well as polyester satin ribbon (100 yards of packaging) can distinguish the difference in the quality of satin ribbon.

These ribbon materials are also the main factor in determining the price of satin ribbon;

5, satin ribbon quantity

For the number of satin ribbon demand, that is, the number of orders purchased, is also a key factor in the measurement of how much wholesale satin ribbon.

If you have a need for wholesale satin ribbon or demand for satin ribbon price, please contact Guangzhou KuanYuXuan ribbon factory to provide you with services, welcome to consult online customer service.

This article is an interpretation of Satin Ribbon Wholesale. If you need to know about the ribbon manufacturer's ribbon customization and ribbon prices, as well as information about Satin Ribbon Wholesale, please contact Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory's online customer service. Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon and Bows Co., Ltd. is dedicated to serving you.