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3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon wholesale

Request 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon wholesale, please contact Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory. This article is about 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon wholesale, including its price, pictures, and quotation. What you need is exactly what we sell. You are welcome to contact Kuanyuxuan Ribbon.

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Ribbons woven from narrow widths of yarn with horizontal spiral patterns on the surface are called grosgrain ribbons. Grosgrain ribbons can be categorized in more than a dozen ways according to the corresponding width size.

3/8 inch is 1 inch of 25.4mm evenly divided into 8 parts, 3 parts that is 9.525mm, in the production of ribbon, in accordance with the 9mm production manufacturing, if the width of the ribbon size between 9-10mm, also counted as within the normal deviation.

Yellow grosgrain ribbon

Where are the grosgrain ribbon wholesale manufacturers?

If you need grosgrain ribbon wholesale manufacturers, please contact Guangzhou KuanYuXuan ribbon factory for your service. As a professional ribbon manufacturer, we specialize in producing grosgrain ribbons in various colors and width sizes.

The width sizes of grosgrain ribbons cover from 3mm to 38mm, and the wholesale price is also calculated according to the width sizes, and other width sizes can also be customized according to customers’ needs.

Black grosgrain ribbon

What materials are grosgrain ribbons made of?

Grosgrain ribbons in the market are made of various materials, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, spandex and other yarns woven into grosgrain ribbons.

Guangzhou KuanYuXuan Ribbon Factory produces and wholesales grosgrain ribbons that are generally woven from polyester yarn. Grosgrain ribbons are available in various colors and widths.

This article is an interpretation of 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon wholesale. If you need to know about the ribbon manufacturer's ribbon customization and ribbon prices, as well as information about 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon wholesale, please contact Kuanyuxuan Ribbon Factory's online customer service. Guangzhou Kuanyuxuan Ribbon and Bows Co., Ltd. is dedicated to serving you.